Diabetes has become a global emergency with more than 415 million sufferers in 2015 (source: International Diabetes Federation).

The high percentage of acute events and crippling complications caused by diabetes leads to very high direct and indirect costs, and diabetic foot complications put an enormous burden on health and social security systems.

Diabetic foot complications are the primary cause of diabetics being admitted to hospital, and every year more than 1,000,000 diabetes sufferers all over the world lose some part of their lower limbs.

Baco provides its partners with expertise to develop and implement multi-disciplinary and multi-level therapies aimed at preventing and curing diabetic foot complications.

Depending on our partners’ requirements and on the specific contexts in which they work, we design and create sustainable and effective solutions to manage all of the patient’s clinical and treatment needs.

Baco works in close collaboration with its partners, offering them the opportunity to become points of excellence for diabetic patients.